Our Technology

Pioneering software-defined nautical solutions

The next generation of nautical technology will depend on advances in software engineering and computing.

Ocean Prime’s core is an autonomous sensemaking and a command & control platform that enables our suite of capabilities.

Our Business

Building intuitive products for new and age-old nautical problems

Ocean Prime is a nautical products company.

We don’t build boats and ships.

We don’t wait for our customers to tell us what they need.

We identify the biggest problems across all maritime industry sectors and create products and services off the shelf.

Our Team

The brightest minds solving the greatest nautical challenges

Our team brings together the smartest engineers with sailors and marine scientists who have first-hand knowledge of the complex interaction between aquatic vessels and environments.

Our engineers are experts in AI, robotics, advanced sensors, secure networking, virtual and mixed reality, modelling, and simulation

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Captain’s Log

There’s a Whale in the Boat

Aka an oceanic version of the ‘elephant in the room’ So, let’s talk about the “whale in the boat”: Decarbonising boats, and ships. By my estimate there are at least 35 million boats and ships powered by fossil fuel in the world, mostly diesel, but only the 250,000 largest ships are usually included in the dataset that…